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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > i need help     

i need help

United Arab Emirates

i need help
will do model lesson help me
hello im a teacher fro dubai . im teaching grade 11 and i have a model lesson plan about the bad  effects of using internet and computer games. pleeeeeease i need some creative ideas on teaching this issue in my model lesson (writing). many teachers will attend and i want something new in my classroom

12 Mar 2010      


If it �s writing:

1) I would brainstorm the ideas on the board by drawing a table of 2 columns ( positive effect and negative effect). 
2) After that, they can start writing sentences. ( if you have enough time, you can ask the students to exchange their paper to help each other by checking the mistakes; but when you give the instructions make it clear to ask your student underline the mistake ONLY and not to write a full correct answer). 
3) Finlay, you can ask them to take their paper from their friend and combined the sentences to form pargraphe. ( Here remind the students to use linking words like "but, also, and" )

Please Note: If your students know what is a topic sentence and conclusion then after you brain storm the first thing they will do before they writing their sentences they will think on their topic sentence. 

12 Mar 2010     


Sent you a PM, too long to write here...

12 Mar 2010     

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4 Jul 2018     

United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates

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