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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > The difference between Present continuous(Future) and Going to (Future)     

The difference between Present continuous(Future) and Going to (Future)


The difference between Present continuous(Future) and Going to (Future)
  My dear colleagues,
  Which part of these sentences are correct below and why??
  I don �t think he is going to phone / phoning tonight?
  I �m travelling / going to travel around the world one day
  I can �t come to the cinema, I am meeting / going to meet Jan tonight
  Don �t they have same usages?
 Thanks in advance,

15 Mar 2010      


I think the right answer would be 1. is going to phone 2. going to travel 3. am meeting. Why? I would say because present continuous is for future plans, arrangements, appointments and going to for future intentions. Hope it helps!

15 Mar 2010     


Thank you sooooo much Potentina ;))

15 Mar 2010     


agree totally with potentina

15 Mar 2010     


  Heyy, thanks dear source ;)

15 Mar 2010     


I think you can use all "I am going to" if you want to make the sentences as your plans.
- I �m going to phone
- I �m going to travel
- I �m going to meet

Hopefully it helps you...

15 Mar 2010     


  Thanks a lot :))

15 Mar 2010     


dear teacher   1: going to phone; this sentence is not definite.
                        2: going to travel , this sentene is only intention not definite
                       3: you can use both of them; this is definite.

present cont tense is more definite than going to future and pls look at the 1. and 2. sentences. they are not definite so you should use less definite tense  "going to future"

Dear teacher as you know, you can not use present cont. tense for all types of future meaning. sometimes we can not use present continuous tense for the future meaning.

15 Mar 2010     

United States

I totally agree with bluefd. For the third one, you can use either form.

15 Mar 2010