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Specific English


Specific English
Hi everybody,

I have a couple of adult students who are completing their elementary level.  They are supposed to attend a convention in Japan by September next year. Although we are going to continue seeing general English I would like to know if there is a good book, audio, video material or a good website to complement the syllabus and make it more profitable to their purpose. I mean, I would like to reinforce the communicative aspect.

Any help/advice will be much appreciated,

Thanks in advance


19 Nov 2008      

New Zealand

Hi Tere,
I always suggest to my graduating students that they keep up to date with their english on these two websites:
Both websites have news related articles that are written and recorded.  Students can listen to the reading rather than read it and then try to answer questions or discuss the article with a friend.
Headsup english has many different activities that people can choose to do - e.g. gap fill while listening, or answer questions.
bbc words in the news has vocabulary definitions attached to the news articles as well as many other services for people learning english.
I find them to be more than enough for my students.
I hope this can be of help. (I know they have been recommended before - but always worth it again)

19 Nov 2008     



Just type a keyword in the search bar at the bottom of the homepage. Each text offers different activities (ideas for debates ...). You can also choose to listen to the text.

19 Nov 2008     


Thanks Vicki and frencfrog!

19 Nov 2008