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Teaching school subjects


Teaching school subjects
Next week I will start a new topic with my students (9 years old). I thought about teaching the topic "school subjects" and was wondering if you have any ideas how to make the lesson "not so boring". I will use of course the printables here like crosswords etc, but i was thinking a bit more about physical activities, but apart from the ones that I always do (which would get a bit boring by the time), I can �t imagine anything. If you would have any ideas for me, that would be really great

Thanks a lot in advance and have a great sunday!

21 Mar 2010      


They can listen to to this song and learn school subjects from it. They can do some listening comprehension exercises + vocabulary. They will love to sing along.

Have a nice Sunday!

21 Mar 2010     


Great song Mena!  I  wish I had known about this song when I was teaching school subjects.  I �ll use it next year! 

Thanks for sharing!Wink
Have a nice Sunday!  Spring is finally in the air!!!

21 Mar 2010     


   I have a simple idea I hope you like it as a warm up or at the end of the lesson you can cut objects from a magazine and paste them on cardboard and keep them in a bag so ss have to take one card and try to tell you what is it you can work in teams depending on how many ss do you have.I use this activity for many things like verbs, tenses or vocabulary and ss like it a lot
     I hope it helps

21 Mar 2010