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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Ritual for the beginning and the end of the lesson - - - - - for teens???? HELP!!!    

Ritual for the beginning and the end of the lesson - - - - - for teens???? HELP!!!


Ritual for the beginning and the end of the lesson - - - - - for teens???? HELP!!!
I �m teaching English in class 6/7 in secondary school in Germany. The pupils are between 12 and 15 years old.
I �m still doing my techer training and soon there will be my final exam, where examiners will come and rate my lessons. They are always keen on seeing "rituals" to begin and end the English lesson. In primary school that �s not a big problem: you can do rhymes or moves etc.
BUT::: I don �t have any idea for a good "ritual" to do with my pubescent kids!!
It shouldn �t be childish.
Do you have any experience or ideas??
Please!!! Share them with me!
I �d be reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally greatful!

22 Mar 2010      


To start the class you could have a series of questions printed and stuck on the board (facedown).  Pick a student to answer a question and then they choose the next person.  You don �t have to ask everyone everyday.
Questions could be:
Tell us about the last film you saw.
What did you do at the weekend?
What are you doing after class?
What type of music do you like?
Tell us about one of your friends.
What do you find easy and difficult about English.

Alternatively you could start with a vocab revision game using vocab from your previous class.

22 Mar 2010     

class centre

If i have had a  too quiet and serious lesson, I finish it very simply - i say - you will go home only if you ask me a correct question on anything you want to ask me about. Or - tell me something very wise  if you want to be dismissed. They begin smiling and using their knowledge from the lesson or the previous work. So, it contributes both to our relations and skills reinforcement.
Good luck!

22 Mar 2010     

United Kingdom


22 Mar 2010     


Very interesting aftab, thank you

22 Mar 2010     


I always start with a role play (I use the dialogue I find in the unit of the course book).
At the end, when I have the time, I ask students to  focus on what they learnt from he lesson : a new  word, a rule, whatever... just fix at least one thing.

22 Mar 2010     

Yulia Mo
Russian Federation

When i taught teens we used to finish every class by a round of applause. I asked them, if they thought they did a good job today and if they thought they did they applauded to make a bright ending of a class. Our boss always told us that the beginning and the end are the most important things in the class as this is what students remember.
As a final activity i liked to do a snowball on the topic we were covering during that class or just ask them each to say one thing they remember from the class.
As a beginning with the teens it would be nice to go a bit deeper into their hobbies and trends. Let �s say before the class you search the internet for some celebrity news or sports news or whatever you think could be interesting for them to discuss. Then at the beginning of the class after asking how are you and the regular bla-bla (with my teens �how are you � used to turn into a talk and quite a long one, which i considered to be ok as long as it �s in english) you ask them Have you heard about... And listen to their opinions. The important thing is to know when to stop. It has to be a moment when they already shared their thoughts and at the same time still excited and not bored, then the transition to the lesson activity will be nice and smooth.
if it becomes your ritual later on you could ask students themselves to share the recent shocking or interesting news.
Can �t remember anything else for now.

22 Mar 2010