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Vivi Quir

THAAAAAANKS! to all those people who add "EDITABLE" in the description of the ws. I just hate it when I cannot make changes to the printable  to fit mys sts ī needs!!! I would say we have to make it a rule.

23 Mar 2010      


Completely agree with you Vivi, it īs much easier to work with ws which have been edited depending on our sts and goals !

23 Mar 2010     


To me, editable is what we can/should expect....Not editable should be written, then.
MHO. Please, understand I do not mind non-editable ws ; it īs just I īd like to know beforehand... 

23 Mar 2010     

Yulia Mo
Russian Federation

I agree with Silvia! I would also wanna know before downloading that the ws isn īt editable, but i doubt that many people would write it in the description.
Though to me it doesn īt matter, i can change almost any non-editable ws using text boxes, other pics and shapes))
Some of my wss arenīt editable as sometimes i have to make all the pics into one due to size. May be i should consider adding this to the descriptionErmm

23 Mar 2010     


I thought we could edit every time just as long as we don īt upload it or publish it somewhere else! Since it īs for personal use a little twist here and there is needed most of the times...Does this mean I have to write editable in my ws or do I have to add it in the description?

23 Mar 2010     


No, Stepha. Some worksheets are made by importing the information from a pdf publisher file. This means you can īt edit the information. Most word documents are easily editable - if you want to change small parts it īs simple. What Vivi is saying is that it īs a lot more helpful for downloaders if they are able to change things in some way to suit their needs. For example if you īre teaching the present tense and you want to teach different verbs from the ones on the printable. Some files don īt allow you to change this!

23 Mar 2010     

Czech Republic

Eslprintables accept WORD DOCUMENTS only, so the assumption is that the worksheets ARE EDITABLE.
Those who upload non-editable worksheets SHOULD include "non-editable" in the description.

If the size is the problem, the uploader may make a single picture page from all the pics + add all the textboxes on the top of the backround picture. The text is editable, the single big picture meets the size 300kB limit and everything is ok...

The only reason to upload a non-editable worksheet is the impossibility to convert the worksheet from the "mother" software to MS Word...
So I would suggest to all - ask at forum HOW TO make your worksheets fully editable... Maybe you don īt know how to make it, but the others know some way - converting programs, few quick tricks...
If you work in publisher, you may insert the background picture+headline and then copy - add the text in Word textboxes on the top...

PS: the single picture worksheets (inserted jpg/scan) can be edited by inserting new textboxes on the top or editing the single picture in MS Paint or other picture editor program...
This is rather time consuming and the worksheet may be blurry...
I vote for editable worksheets!

23 Mar 2010     


Sorry I am new here I don īt understand what you mean do I have to write editable in my ws? because I didn īt know can you help me please?

23 Mar 2010     

Vivi Quir

I totally agree with all of you and I think we have to encourage members to make editable wss. Otherwise they should mention the fact it is non- editable. Then we, downloaders, decide.

23 Mar 2010     


Many a time I have seen worksheets that I would love to use but will not download because I am not able to edit.  Sometimes in a worksheet there are things I would like to add or delete and with non-editable it does not give me an opportunity to do this.  Like, Sylvie I don īt mind non-editable worksheets, but I would like to know before I download.

23 Mar 2010     


I agree with Viviquir, I often feel very dissapointed when I download a worksheet that īs a whole picture full of colour for instance. I know that coloured worksheets rule here... (that īs why I also upload colourful worksheets..:-) However, they are editable... I only print worksheets in B&W so I know that editable worksheets let me convert īcolourful ī worksheets into B&W worksheets quite easily. Sometimes, even the texts are blurry! So that īs terribly dissapointing. A few months ago I printed and took a worksheet to class which had blurry pics and blurry texts.. but I thought I was the only īcrazy ī one seeing worksheets like that! And guess what? My students started complaining saying they couldn īt figure out the cliparts and the super tiny words in size 6!!... So then I learnt my lesson! Now I carefully chose what I īm downloading... Only useful, editable (unless only the pics are a whole picture and well.... I can take the grey scale version). ... Oh, and I try to chose worksheets which have no mistakes!

23 Mar 2010     

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