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Sign Language


Sign Language
Hello everyone! I �d like to teach -or at least show- some sign language to my students when we are dealing with vocabulary in English. What do you think is best? *to use the American Sign Language as some word signs start with the symbol for the first letter of the word as in "blue" that starts with the symbol for the letter "B" or
*to use my country �s sign language as it wouldn �t be useful for them to learn a system that is different from the one we use here and it would make it kind of pointless in a way.
Thanks. :)

25 Mar 2010      

Hong Kong

Well, it depends on the PURPOSE you want to teach them sign language.
Is it as an ESL tool, or for Communication??? Will they travel???
I know I taught American sign here in HK, even though it �s a former British colony. However, I was just using it as an ESL tool, but I found I had to communicate in sign to aomeone when I saught information from the Deaf Sociaty of HK  ... soo interesting and I was so slow ha!
Anyway, I found this site which teaches the letters. This was great for my pre-schoolers!!!!
Its �Starfall � ... just click on the �HANDS � down the bottom Clap
So ... it �s up to you. EITHER standard would be fine and they will learn a useful skill.


25 Mar 2010     


hi i did some sign language with my special needs students here in France.
Because I teach English and was using the sign language in class I taught them some British sign language.
My students understood that they would be able to communicate with British deaf people not french but they thought it was great. We even started communicating a bit with BSL outside classes (i.e. at the school canteen through the noise!!)
I think it is important to bear in mind that sign languages have subtleties that connect with the actual language of the country and as such I really think you should teach them ASL but and why not in the future introduce their own country �s one?? it could be fun !
I am sure that whatever you do they will love it and so will you!

25 Mar 2010