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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Moderner or More Modern?    

Moderner or More Modern?


Moderner or More Modern?
    My dear friends,
    The trains in Japan are moderner  / more modern I �ve ever travelled on.
    Which is correct according to you? I think both forms are possible.
    By the way, do you think there is a list of the adjectives whose comparative
    forms can be done in 2 ways ( -er and more -)
    Thx in advance

26 Mar 2010      

United States

More modern.  I �ve never heard anyone say moderner!

Try google for the list.

26 Mar 2010     


Dear Cem,
I think both of the forms are incorrect as I think you are trying to make a superlative sentence instead of a comparitive one???
So It should be;
�The trains in Japan are the most modern trains I �ve ever travalled on. �
And I agree with libertybelle I �ve never heard of anyone say morderner.. But then a language is a living thing so I think you should check a concordance programme to see how often it is used...
I hope to have helped..

26 Mar 2010     


 Dear Sivgin and Libertybelle,
 First of all, Thank you for your valuable comments!
 Yes Sivgin, Superlative form has to be used here. 
 How can I find and use the programme?
 loves ;)

26 Mar 2010     


    Hi Cem,
 I think more modern is the most appropriate one :) Why don �t you use English Home Library in Sube ?

26 Mar 2010     


More modern, definitely!!! Never heard of moderner and would never use or allow it!

26 Mar 2010     


The most modern: a. You need to use the superlative in this sentence and, b. the only two-syllable adjectives that can take the suffixes -er/-est in the comparative and superlative form are the ones ending in -y, -er or -ow.

26 Mar 2010     


I agree with Magneto, but would add that two-syllable words ending in -le also take the suffixes:  little >> littler >>the littlest
And "quiet" is one that can go either way:  quieter or more quiet...

26 Mar 2010     

United States

Stupid can also use -er and -est, but humid and rapid can �t. What a language!

27 Mar 2010     


That �s why I am soo confused Bruce.  If it were my native language, I would answer these question marks automatically...

27 Mar 2010