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Russian Federation


Hello my dear friends,

Could you help me and say if the sentences are correct:

1. "I �m living in the world just half alive"

2. "a song of pearl"

3. "I �ll conquer you from every minute by any manner"

4. "I �ll conquer you from all the others, from that the one"

5. "You �ll never be anyone �s husband"

Thanks a lot!

26 Mar 2010      


Are these song lyrics or translations from an online translator?

The first one sort of makes sense and the last one is fine.

2 is a metaphor but not one I �ve ever heard. That doesn �t make it incorrect of course! Metaphors are fairly flexible.

3 and 4 don �t really make any sense that I can see!


26 Mar 2010     

Russian Federation

Thanks a lot for your answer.�

The lines are taken from a poem. I wasn �t sure about my translation.

27 Mar 2010     


I think the problem with translating songs and poems is that they are so rarely literal that it makes the translators job much harder! 

27 Mar 2010     


Plus poems have �poetic licence � so they don �t have to be gramatically correct... just sound good!

30 Mar 2010