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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Want to make them EDITABLE, but . . .    

Want to make them EDITABLE, but . . .


Want to make them EDITABLE, but . . .
People, I work on Mac, and I really want to do all in word document and editable. But, to create colorful backgrounds and pics i use ILLUSTRATOR, so then What I do is to export the whole file with text and all as a picture to the word document . . . and that is why my worksheets are not always editable.
Does anybody know a different method to use on Mac??
Especially when I need to create isolated boxes of text in word to just drag next to an image.

26 Mar 2010      


   I work on Mac too and I am learning to use word to send my ws I do everything there I use free clipart or other drawings that I have in here.You can try to use only word ok? I hope this can help you

26 Mar 2010     


create only the grafic with illustrator, then insert it in a word file and insert text boxes for the text. it seems too simple, maybe I didn īt understand where īs the problem for you... do you know how to use word (the software)?
I use a mac too, I would happy to help you, write again

26 Mar 2010     


Thank u girls, I just donīt know how to write text on word, for example to insert a text box like in illustrator. I just know how to write continuous text. Hope I make myself understood.
But I will probably have to investigate the software  . . .
Can I create a separate text box in word? And drug it to the place in the sheet I want?

26 Mar 2010     


I īm embedding you an image of the button you can use. since my system is all in Hebrew I can only show you the buttons and not the short cuts. Hope it can help.

27 Mar 2010     


Thanks!! that is soooo graphic. It will help for sure. I will try it right away!

27 Mar 2010