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Advertising Posts--stated in the Rules?


Advertising Posts--stated in the Rules?
I just joined a couple days ago and have already become very enthusiastic about the site. I thought I would post and sort of introduce myself and encourage people to check out my worksheets. I was quickly informed by a few people that it was against the rules. I had no idea. I read the rules in full when I registered and I don t recall seeing anything to that effect. I don t mind following the rule, and I understand the rationale behind it.  I m merely pointing out that it would be best if this rule was perhaps highlighted, bolded or underlined so people don t happen to miss it like I did.

I also decided to try to go back and reread the rules, so I clicked on Register again and read the rules it posts there. I didn t see the rule that says no advertising your worksheets on the forum. Perhaps the script needs to be updated?

Just a constructive suggestion! Happy to be here!

2 Apr 2010      


Smile  WELCOME TO ESLprintables. I m sure victor, the webmaster of this wonderful site, will consider your suggestion.
Have a nice day,

2 Apr 2010     


Hi tastybrain,

This rule or, I d say a request, is seen when you start a new forum topic (on the top).
Welcome to this community!

2 Apr 2010     


Welcome tastybrain
Actually tastybrain, Victor has spelt it out quite clearly in the Rules and Instructions which you can access from the home page.  Scroll down to Forum and youll see it at bullet point four.  And, as baiba has pointed out, it is also clearly stated when you begin a new topic.
I think it would be best that new members thoroughly read the Rules and Instructions when they join this site.  Afterall, we teach and expect our students to do this and we then penalise them if they do not do this in a test.  We must practise what we preach.
Happy Easter.
Cheers  --  Jayho 

2 Apr 2010     

Yulia Mo
Russian Federation

If you click on the RULES link on the first page you will see the whole set of rules. In the section of FORUM there is a clear rule saying:
Don t use the forum to advertise your worksheets or other users worksheets. (You can do it if another member asks for a specific content or topic).
I hope it helps answering your question.
And by the way, sorry, but you are starting a new topic just to advertise yourself again or just to clarify the subject?
Because the rules are quite clear to follow.
Besides, just imagine if everyone out of more than 300 000 members came to the forum to ask for downloads, what the forum is gonna turn into?
Have a nice day.

2 Apr 2010     


I see it now. Thanks all. I m still learning my way around the site.

My suggestion is merely that it should be a bit more prominently featured in the rules. I realize that it s also shown when you start a new thread, but I would suggest that it is put it bold script or a slightly larger font so it doesn t get glossed over. I don t mind following the rule at all and I understand why it s there. I ve said that already. Having read the rules perhaps a bit too quickly I merely missed it. When you first click register on the home page it lists a set of rules which are incomplete and which do not include the forum rule about advertising. I read the complete set which I remember is a later part of the registration process, but must have missed the one in question. It is after all one line in a very long list of rules.

What I don t appreciate is being accused of deliberately abusing the forum when it was an honest oversight on my part. NO ONE in THIS thread has done that, but I have received a private message from someone else who was rather snide and accused me of not even reading the rules at all. I quote, "I doubt you even read the rules."  Is such a negative attitude necessary?

Yes, Yulia, the rules are quite clear. There are a LOT of them. This thread is to make a suggestion. If starting this thread is considered a further advertisement then wouldn t every suggestion made by a new member also be an "advertisement?"  My original intention when I first posted was merely to introduce myself and test out the forum interface. If I had not missed the rule, I wouldn t have broken it. After all, what kind of first impression would I be making if I was deliberately breaking a rule while introducing myself. A little self-destructive, no?

I have no problem whatsoever being told I ve broken a rule as long as it s done politely and considerately, as the above posters have done. Everyone in this thread and in my original thread (which I edited to remove the shameless self-promotional plug as soon as I was alerted to the rule) has been VERY nice and welcoming. Thank you. I am really excited to be a part of this community and I will  be sure to read and re-read the rules again, now that I can find them in their entirety again because I plan on being a POSITIVE member of the community.

2 Apr 2010     

Yulia Mo
Russian Federation

Nice to hear your positive attitude.
But i think i can explain something here. The rules are really quite a thing to read which may be time-consuming. But it was a result of a very painful debates going on on the site some time ago. So each one of those rules was born after some rather painful events.
For you that rule wasn t really clear, for other people other rules are as well not clear. Then we can as well make all the rules bold. This is the thing...
Hope you understand my point.
No offense, but there s so much abuse going on on the site, so many people coming for freebies not willing to do their sharing part...
Anyway, hope your stay with us will be long and productive.
Have a nice evening.

2 Apr 2010     


Now, Yulia, that s a proper response. Thank you. I do understand your point. If there is a lot of abuse going on I can understand how faithful, long-time users would start getting antsy about it. I was thinking that making the anti-abuse message larger and bold on the Start a New Thread Page would be a good. It had occurred to me that all the rules could not be made bold. Stern Smile If there is so much abuse going on, then that only adds more strength to my suggestion! Smile

It is frustrating for a new user who wants to share what they have but can only upload one worksheet per day. If the concern is people grabbing freebies and not sharing shouldn t there be a larger upload limit, even just two a day? Obviously you don t want to set it too high so as not to burden the server, but 1 per day does seem a bit limiting to a new user (no matter how practical and reasonable it is for the site and community itself). That being said, 30 points is not a lot to become a premium user, so I can see the logic at work. I m just offering some perspective and observations here. Perhaps you ve heard it all before. I am new here. For someone who genuinely wants to contribute and become a part of the existing community, the upload limit feels a bit like a straight jacket.

I assume the upload limit is to protect the server from overload and/or to ensure that new members are productive, reliable members. That I can understand. Maybe the rationale behind it could be included in the rules (though that would make them longer.... catch 22).

2 Apr 2010     

Yulia Mo
Russian Federation

The problem with the 3 daily uploads is the following. Sometimes, members who don t read the rules properly start uploading copied wss. So in this case after one reported ws the user gets a message, so he s made to read the rules again and is sure that the system here doesn t allow copied/stolen wss. It s as well quite a job for those keeping the site clean to check all the recent contributions, so again 1 upload per day makes it easier a bit for us.
Hope, this answers your Question.
Feel free to ask more if you have any.

2 Apr 2010