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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Worried to overcome myself    

Worried to overcome myself


Worried to overcome myself
Hi everybody!
First of all, I would like to give you all best eastern wishes for each one of you. Try to share with your family the real meaning of this celebration.(not only chocolate eggs hehehe)
Here we go with the question. I work doing private classes at home and yesterday I got a new student (what makes me feel very proud of it because I �m still studying English Teacher on fourth grade of my career) but the problem is that she is going to have a quiz on Tuesday! And today and tomorrow we are going to have clases but she is not so clear with English subject! She needs to familiarize with Regular Verbs, Past Simple and other things which she should already know like TO BE AND PRESONAL PRONOUNS. She is on primary school.
I �m really worried about it, because I want to make a great work BUT! all those situations make me feel lack of ideas.
I �ll be pretty sure if you can help me with some funny activities in order to get good results..TWO DAYS REMAINING IT �S TIME TO WORK FOR ME..
Thanks in advance for all of you!

4 Apr 2010      


Hi! Takenori...
You are in a very difficult situation...uh?
In my opinion, 2 days are really little time to compress all those English contents in a primary school girl �s mind! I think you should be realistic.
Start revising simple contents such as the pronouns, the verb to be, etc, to see if she really understands them, and then, little by little, you can increase the difficulty with present simple, continuous, and finally past simple with regular verbs and after that irregular verbs.
However, as I said before, not only the girl, but also the parents should be realistic and understand that you can �t do miracles!!

Al those contents you have written are seen by my students in one month!

Good luck and keep us informed!

4 Apr 2010     


Wow! thanks for your advice LovingLondon!
I know full well what you say. I even said the same by myself "I can �t do miracles!" =( then I realized how interested are her parents about it (Sarcastically)
On the other hand she told me "I�m the worst in my English class"(sad expression) what makes things more difficult, but she went yesterday to my home to get any help.
I know there �re a lot of content to review and the time is shorter than we can imagine.
But what can I do? I �ll be honest with her and I �ll try harder in order to get a goal before Tuesday! :(
any other help?
any funny activity?
Thanks LovingLondon!

4 Apr 2010     

class centre

my advice would be - fewer grammar words , but more examples. I explain grammar to my little ones only by using normal people �s words, not grammar notions. For example - not auxilliary verb, but the verb which comes to help, not modal verbs, but the verbs which can make a question or a not form by themselves without calling any other verb to help etc.
Good luck to you and your pupil.

4 Apr 2010     


Thanks for all of you!

4 Apr 2010     


i think your student needs to learn the verbs in past as soon as possible...why don �t you create puzzles with the verbs in past and then make him/her write sentences with those verbs...it �s is always useful and effective...
use as many pictures as you can so you can help her understand the use of pronouns better..

good luck and keep going...the teaching track is not easy but always rewarding


5 Apr 2010