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You tube video clips


You tube video clips
Good morning to you all,
Can anyone suggest some good /funny/educational etc...video clip URLS from youtube to download and use with young adult classes.I have 21 days free before I have to pay on a site where I can convert the clips to AVI s then to WMP which is what we use in our college.I want to be able to do as many as possible so I can built up a stock, but I don t have time to trawl through the site and wait for them to download , watch and decide.
Thanks in advance and I hope others might/will benifit by this request too.
Andrea ;o)

5 Apr 2010      


Hi Puddyd,

No movie to suggest but there are lot of add ons for browsers or softwares out there that will help you convert youtubes video. They are all free without limit.

This one is an example:

So you don t need to build up a stock. just take them when you need them.

However, if someone has a suggestion of a nice video to use in class, I m interested too.

5 Apr 2010     


I am lucky to have access to a IWB (smartboard) and so I put the youtube clip as a hyperlink and then I can go to it at any time. If I tie it into some sort of introductory page it serves as a reminder of what I wanted to teach and it doesn t get lost in my files. Nor do I have to download it.

5 Apr 2010     


Have a look at my Mr Bean youtube video sessions worksheets. Students love them and have fun while learning.
good luck

5 Apr 2010