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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > I need ideas to teach simple present, please.    

I need ideas to teach simple present, please.


I need ideas to teach simple present, please.
hi there :)
I want to teach simple present tense to my 8 year old students..
any idea how to do that in a cute funny way that attracts them?

6 Apr 2010      

Lina Ladybird







http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=16058 (this is about the Simple Past, but you could also use it for teaching the Simple Present)


6 Apr 2010     


   You can use cartoons flashcards they like them a lot and memorize better
I hope it is useful for you

6 Apr 2010     


Can someone tell me where can I find free clipart about verbs and actionsplease?

6 Apr 2010     

L. habach

It �s an opportunity to raise your students � awareness about some natural facts such as :
the sun rises every day at ...
it always snows in winter. etc
Also you can ask them about their routines/habits
Helen always brushes her teeth after lunch
Also their hobbies etc
I play tennis in my free time

6 Apr 2010     


I �d start with their likes & dislikes : Something always true for them . ie I like chocolate, do you ? No, I don �t! I prefer ice cream....
& use some information gap, like : Have two kids out of the classroom, & then one reports :
X likes blue but he doesn �t like pink....
Or...a who is it game :Have the kids fill in a �likes ws �, & then have them guess :  HE/ She likes.... doesn �t like .... Who is it ? Why not give them points for a right guess...
Big smile

6 Apr 2010     


thank you all so much
You are too good to be true :)

7 Apr 2010