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re. teaching material

United States

re. teaching material
Hi everyone
Just wondering..... Like many people, I just love the colorful WS with images and text boxes.
But to use them, means that that the school where we work has a color printer.
Our school just bought one, but itīs really expensive to print WS in color for a whole class.
I was wondering if most of you have a color printer or color copy machine at your school?
Is this normal now for most schools?
Just wondering.

All the best

20 Nov 2008      



I think it is the same in most schools and institutes.

Anyway you can:

a. print them in black -all printers have that option.
b. modify the background  according to your needs.


21 Nov 2008     


Hi libertybelle! The school where I work has got Colour Copy machine only for almost 1500 students. However, we cannot take the number of copies we wish because, as youīve said, it is too expensive. And besides, it isnīt working right now... We can also print 50 colour worksheets per month I think. So the truth is that in Portugal public schools cannot afford paying for worksheets in colour. So we must print at home. Do we all do that on a regular basis? Of course not!! I would say I print about 300 to 400 worksheets in colour, at home, per month . But all my colleagues at school say that I am crazy!!!
Have a nice evening! Smile

21 Nov 2008     

United States


Tere Ag - I know about modifying worksheets - I was more interested in hearing about
what the the working situation is in schools around the world.

We all have the same goal, but different tools and materials!
I find that really interesting!
Thanks for your in-put!

best wishes

21 Nov 2008     


Hello! I do not work at school but I think itīs a good idea to print 2 pages per one sheet. I am a tutor and I print a lot of worksheets at home! Sometimes I print them with the worse quality - itīs still colourful but not so pretty...

21 Nov 2008     


The same for me I was wondering ,how you all here use these beautiful and colourful worksheets.Well ,Iīm going to make coloured  transparency for overheadprojector.

21 Nov 2008     


Hi girls! let me to tell you that I donīt have a printer at school,and at the institute where I work we have a machine to take photocopies(whatīs the name of the machine?photocopier?)What I do is to print my worksheet in colour and print another in black and white to take the copies,so I show my students the coloured copy and give them the b&w .I have to pay for he copies I use to work at school !!! sometimes itīs too expensive.
Unluckly here in Argentina we teachers donīt have material provided by the school(or may I say the government) so everything is provided by the teachers.

21 Nov 2008     


Siarh has a good suggestion, photocopy them.  Maybe your printer in school can also copy.

21 Nov 2008     


My classes are one on one, I usually donīt even print them, just look at them on the PC; so keep all that colour coming. :)

21 Nov 2008     


Well, I see the situation is much the same everywhere.  We used to have colour printers at our school,, but theyīve all gone now, replaced by laser b/w.
Still, what I do is somewhere in-between: for boardgames, card games and other materials that can be handed out and retrieved, I use my own colour printer at home. Yes, we all pay money from our own funds to see motivation in our pupilsī eyes. In a way, schools (and states) expect this from us.We love seeing that look in their eyes, donīt we? (we would also love it in our own childrenīs eyes on holidays, count up the expense and what you would get for it!). Itīs not fair at all - in a way, weīre being blackmailed into it!
Anyway - as for worksheets, they get b/w photocopies, and if they are lucky, they may be shown the original coloured one (particularly in those cases in which the pictures donīt show clearly in b/w, MIND YOU!). In the other cases (card games, board games, etc.) they get the coloured (laminated) version which the teacher can keep for other classes or the next year. I wish the situation were different, but weīll have to manage as it is now, and thatīs all we can expect. Thatīs why I do not download worksheets that are too cluttered or canīt be seen properly in b/w. Then again, I work in a secondary school, where these matters arenīt that important (though I still believe the visual element is crucial!)

21 Nov 2008     


What I do is to print copies of the worksheets which really need the colour, or the pictures. I make 1 copy per 2 students and I keep them in a nylon bag to re use them with other groups. They copy the activities they need and, at the same time, they have great pictures to look at. They love this!! You have to spend some money at the biginning, but once you print them you can keep them and use them again and again.Thumbs Up


21 Nov 2008     

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