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New Category Please

American Teacher
United States

New Category Please
Is it possible to have a new category- "Projects". It is coming to the close of the semester, and I always plan a project for my students to do. I would like to get new ideas. They are reallty tired of researching their countries.

11 Apr 2010      


Would it be possible to add another one uncer the label POETRY as well? Thanks!

11 Apr 2010     


Great ideas!Tongue

11 Apr 2010     


That īs a really good idea! I plan to do some projects with my students but I always lack ideas. Let īs do it!

11 Apr 2010     

Russian Federation

That īs really great idea!  Clap   Ialso often lack ideas when it comes to projects.
As for 9-10 years old ss, we prepared projects on animals. Some of them chose exotic animals and prepared a detailed description of their appearance, habits, areas of  living etc. Everything they could write about  using their voc. and grammar.
My older students chose different unusual and popular sports and described history, rules, famous sportsmen.
The topic generally depend on the students ī skills and knowledge.

11 Apr 2010     



I work a lot using projects as I teach teenagers with learning difficulties (cognitive or just social ones), and it īs been proven that working on a project really motivates them.
I agree that a "projects" category would really be welcome here!

I īm planning on having my students write a story - fairy tale like- then make a big book with drawings, paintings... and have them go to primary schools to read their story. It īs a one-schoolyear project though!

I īve already uploaded another one from last year, my students created a fake novel in English. 

It īs a lot of work, and you must be directive enough so that the prject happens, yet it has to be theirs, not yours... You īre only here to help. It increases their self-confidence, their autonomy, and of course their knowledge, as English is seen as something useful that they need to reach a concrete goal.  

Yes to projects! I īm waiting for this new category here!
Have a great Sunday!

11 Apr 2010     


Hi  there must be independed part  for science ,too

11 Apr 2010