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ESL forum > Make suggestions, report errors > Why not an IWB New Category?    

Why not an IWB New Category?


Why not an IWB New Category?
Hello dear collegues,
I īm thinking of a new category as well, about interactive whiteboard files. I think the Notebook format is the most common, and so the most useful and exploitable. I īve been working on this for months and in fact I rarely upload worksheets now.
I know that not all of you have got one in their classes or even schools, but sooner or later...
Have a good Sunday,

11 Apr 2010      


Great idea! We have a new school building this year and have e-board in all the classrooms. However, most of us use it just for internet, videos or ppts.

11 Apr 2010     


My school has used ebeam, so I īd obviously prefer that here! I think it īs a more flexible IWB form because you don īt need whole new boards - you can use an ordinary whiteboard and just install a projector and a mall clip-on device which makes the board interactive.

I think prometheous is more popular in the UK,

11 Apr 2010     

Czech Republic

I agree with Chiara, I also miss IWB category and I think many people would appreciate having it here. It īs been more and more popular and widespread. I also use the Notebook format.

11 Apr 2010     


I īd love an IWB category.
I do most of my work on them now. I use the notebook from Smartboard. I have just this minute finished a new presentation for telling the difference between confusing words such as piece and peace which I wish I could share.  It īs great to do this with pictures and the students can move things around. It just looks great.
I love using Millionaire games, vortex groupings, matching activities, hangman, etc on the smartboard as they are so much more hands on. By doing this before they do the related exercises the students seem to do so much better. (and they remember it longer.)
I know many people don īt have access to this technology but it would be great for those who do to be able to share.
Please, Victor!

11 Apr 2010     


Perfect idea!
I īve been using Smatboard for two years now but I still use it as a means of using my ppts and online activities.
I would love to be able to share Smartboard materials and tips with the more experienced! :)

Is it at all possible, Victor?

11 Apr 2010     


I have sent Victor a PM concerning this issue and still waiting for a reply. I know he recieves tons of PMs everyday, so count me in voting for smartboard contributions.

11 Apr 2010