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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Adverbs of manner: word order    

Adverbs of manner: word order

New Zealand

Adverbs of manner: word order
From a student �s writing:

500 meters above sea level in the Fl�m valley a couple of houses cling to the mountainside, it �s the farm Holo. Here lives a kind older couple who gladly will show you around their carefully restored houses and tell you about life on the farm before the road came in the 1980 �s.

I think it should say ......who will gladly show you around....

Or does word order matter here?


13 Apr 2010      


It does Cheezels. Follow your instinct! Most adverbs should be between the "auxiliary verb" and its infinitive/participle.


13 Apr 2010     

Czech Republic


Types of adverbs and positions:

I know this feeling, when I correct adverb order mistakes I �m repeating them over and over and over and over to myself and thinking "Argh!? I might say that.. does it really matter???" because after a while you loose the ability to depend on your own ear because you �ve heard the same mistake so much it starts to sound normal.

13 Apr 2010     

New Zealand

Big smile

13 Apr 2010