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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > A question!    

A question!


A question!
Hello, everyone!
Can someone tell me how to explain the differences between the 2 sentences?
1. Do you know where he lives?
2. Where do you think he lives?
I mean when we should put wh-words at the beginning of sentences.
Thanks in advance!Smile
Have a nice day/evening!

13 Apr 2010      


The second one is a direct question, so "where" comes at the beginning. The first one is an indirect question - an embedded question - so the wh-word comes in the middle, after the introductory phrase "do you know".

Hope I could help.
Have a good evening,

13 Apr 2010     


Thank you, Mena.Smile
But isn �t the second one an indirect question?
I �m confused now.
I guess it �s your bedtime, right?
Good night, dear Mena.

14 Apr 2010     

United States

1. Do you know where he lives?  (I believe you may have the answer and I need you to give it to me)
2. Where do you think he lives?  (Use your imagination to come to a conclusion about his home location)

I hope this helps!

14 Apr 2010     


Thank you, Zoe! ;))

14 Apr 2010     

Saudi Arabia

thanks for all

17 Apr 2010