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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > "YET" Problem    

"YET" Problem


"YET" Problem
Could anyone explain me why the correct asnwer is "yet"(A)?!? Wich is the meaning of "yet"here?!?Thank you!

They �ve experienced a number of well-publicized problems at that club recently, ......... its popularity seems to be as great as ever.

A)   yet                                                         

B)   or

C)   moreover                                                  

D)   in case

E)   whereas

15 Apr 2010      


It �s correct because it �s the same as  "in spite of that" .... " even so" ...  I would replace "yet" for any of the options I �ve just written !
Hope it �s clearer !

15 Apr 2010     


because the sentence one contrast the sentence two so Yet is correct. hope u get the point. take care

15 Apr 2010     

Vivi Quir

Yet is a synonym of "however"

15 Apr 2010     


Go to this source and scroll down to number 6 for more information !

15 Apr 2010     


it �s a synonym of "however" , or "despite" : so roughly it would mean " despite the "problems" or "the situation" its popularity has never changed." " even though there are problems , its popularity has never changed " .
it ha nothing to do with "not...yet + present perfect "
have a nice day

15 Apr 2010