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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Hello everyone- I need lesson starting ideas!    

Hello everyone- I need lesson starting ideas!


Hello everyone- I need lesson starting ideas!
I am now working on a lesson that is probably going to be observed by the school principle. This lesson plan is for something like 80 min, and it īs about birthday traditions around the world. I already have the lesson ready and I just need an idea for how to open it. This is a 7th grade boys class. 
Does anyone have a good idea how to start this lesson to make students interested?

19 Apr 2010      


If you have the facilities for it it is really nice to start with a short video. 2-3 minutes is more than enough. A simple video of kids singing happy birthday or maybe davka of some obsecure form of celebrating a birthday . You can then start by asking what happened in the video. that way you īve got everyone focussed and introduced the subject....

19 Apr 2010     


What about bringing a cake, a real one, make ss sing happy birthday and use Argentine tradition for 15 year-old birthdays: place ribbons inside the cake and when they finish singing they pull one ribbon each and at the end of it (inside the cake actually) there is a little prize/souvenir. 
And in this case it could be small pieces of paper with some activity in English? . . . hope you like my idea, it will strike your school Principle.=)

19 Apr 2010     


How about a guessing game.....a list of traditions and a list of countries. You could write the lists on the board and divide the class into two teams (as long as they are not too rowdy). I did that a few months ago with my 9th graders and they loved it . We looked at traditions in at least 20 countries . The teams wrote their answers down. At the end I checked their responses and declared one team the winner.
good luck! Johanne

19 Apr 2010     


You can find something here www.englishtips.org and download here the timesavers books they are really good for warm ups timesavers speaking,timesaver grammar,or spelling I hope they are useful for your classes

19 Apr 2010     

Lina Ladybird


19 Apr 2010     

Czech Republic

How about telling the boys to arrange themselves in a row according to their birthdays. Those, whose birthdays are in January would be in the beginning, etc. They are supposed to ask each other questions to find out when their birthdays are.

19 Apr 2010