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Hi, everyone!!
Could you help me, please??
Which constructions sound better in English?:
a)The day that I met you.
b)The day when I met you.
c)The day I met you.
*Is there any relative clause in which "when" is not interchangeable for "that"?
A) The reason why I came so soon.
B) The reason I came so soon.
Thanks sooooooooooo much!!

20 Apr 2010      


The one that sounds best to me is "The day I met you"...

Hope that helps,


20 Apr 2010     

Lina Ladybird

*Is there any relative clause in which "when" is not interchangeable for "that"?
Of course! Wink There are many of them. Here �s just one example:
She �s the woman (that) I love. >>> You would never replace the word "that" with "when" in this case, would you? ;))

20 Apr 2010     

Bruna Dutra

Hi, Carmela... I think what he meant was the other way around, a sentence with WHEN that you could not  change for THAT.

Well... I don �t know if I �m right, but I think that most times, the meaning doesn �t change, like:

"I didn �t like when I saw him" - and -  "I didn �t like that I saw him"

But I wish other people could say it more properly.

20 Apr 2010     

Lina Ladybird

Oh dear... I might have been too quick, dear Bruna, so thanks for telling me! You are right I think. :))

20 Apr 2010     


a) - The day that I met you and c) The day I met you are more common.
For the second question,
B) is more common.  "The reason WHY I came so soon" makes sense but it �s a bit redundant because "reason" already implies an explanation or a "why" statement. 
As far as I know, THAT does not usually replace WHEN.  It often replaces WHICH instead.
To be on the safe side, it �s better to use THAT to replace WHICH rather than WHO, WHEN, etc.
I briefly researched it just now and WHEN is not often listed as a relative pronoun. 
However, researching determinate and non-determinate clauses might help you.
Check this out
Hope that helps in some way.
:) Aileen

20 Apr 2010     


When, where and why are relative adverbs so they can �t be replaced by that.
When can be replaced by on/in which
e.g.The day when I met him=The day on which I met him= The day (which/that) I met him on.
Where can be replaced by at/in which
e.g. This is the hotel where we stayed=This is the hotel at which we stayed=This is the hotel
(which/that) we stayed at.
Why can be replaced by for which
e.g.The reason why he came was to ask for help=The reason for which he came was to ask for help=The reason (which) he came for was to ask for help
(Which and that) are omitted

I hope that helps.

20 Apr 2010     


Thanks to all of you for your kind answers!!
I �ve constructed a complete answer taking ideas from all of you...

20 Apr 2010