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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > SUGGESTIONS FROM MY FRIENDS!    




Hello friends!!!Here I am again to ask you a suggestion.

On Thursday I �m starting a new class, very first begginers, have little knowledge or no English at all and I would like to make something different in the first class.In our book they learn greetings and farewells, first name, last name, etc.
If you have any suggestions, experiences that went good, icebreakers, well, everything that you can help me!
Have a Wonderful day!!!!!

20 Apr 2010      


I tried this and it worked out very well.
You make a list with the names of famous persons (film stars, politicians, ...) or characters (disney, sponge bob) -it really depends on the age of your pupils
You write in small pieces of paper these same names and give each pupil one of these papers, as well as the big list. The pupil becomes that person. Then, the students mingle and have to discover who each of his mates is, and introduce himself to them.
My pupils were adults at a beginners level. It was really funny when one man asked a big fat collegue if he was James Bond. He said:" No, I �m Lady Di"
Good luck!!

20 Apr 2010     


Thank you!!!!!!

20 Apr 2010     


If they are children, I ask them if they speak English, of course, they say no. Then I give them a worksheet with pictures of things they certanly know like : hamburger, radio, orange, computer, jeans and other words. Then ask them to find other english words like labels.
I have a worksheet like this and a power point presentation. If you are interested, send me a PM and I send it to you.

20 Apr 2010