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Reflect on what you´re not doing right


Reflect on what you´re not doing right
Maybe nobody is downloading your work because it�s not good enough. I�m sorry but I didn�t like the way you said things. I think this site is great to share material, experiences and even ask for advice.
If you�re not happy, just look for a different site. I�m sure there�ll be millions on the internet...and relax about the whole thing or you�ll have a heart attack!

21 Nov 2008      


I still remember the first worksheet I uploaded on eslprintables, and my frustration when getting a very direct refusal. At first, things were stricter here and not every printable was accepted. Things have changed.
This forum is also a good opportunity for new members to get a clear answer to their questions; or a good advice; or just a kind hello. Those who have just registered here do not know what a premium member is, for example. Or what happens to their worksheets. So they write here, asking for advice.
Ginny, your worksheet will appear tomorrow and you will get 1 point for 1 download. Don�t lose hope or patience. And be creative and share new printables.
Have a nice Saturday! (I love Saturdays!)

21 Nov 2008     


Full of doubt�s message has disappeared.

21 Nov 2008     


Maybe,  the full of doubt�s message disappeared because the person got embarrassed about his/her lack of guts of complaining about something with a fake account and username.
We can�t allow such a person to ruin a nice environment we have here!
Have a nice weekend!!! Hug

21 Nov 2008     


21 Nov 2008     

United Kingdom

It is important that one posts worksheets and not worry too much about others downloading. Variety is the spice of life the more the merrier. Keep heart someone will eventually download your work.

22 Nov 2008