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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > music or the music -help!    

music or the music -help!


music or the music -help!
i have a silly question.
do we say: i like listening to music or i like listening to the music?
is there any difference in meaning? is one of them incorrect?
i �m offically confused.com, so please, please help
:) htanks in advance

21 Apr 2010      


It �s not incorrect. It just has a different meaning.

I like listening to music - is a general concept.

I like listening to the music on the radio  - isn�t a general concept. Here you are specifying which type of music you prefer. i.e. - the music on the radio - probably you are referring to a certain radio station or the quality of sound or programming...

21 Apr 2010     

United Kingdom

Both sentences are correct but there is a difference in meaning. 
If you are talking generally you say I like listening to music.  But if you are talking about specific music you use the other sentence.  For example it could be music in a supermarket or shop or when you are on hold on the phone etc

21 Apr 2010     


that �s what i thought. i was taught you should say : � �i like listening to the music" meaning music in general, which now seems to be incorrect (in general meaning). now i teach english to a group and in the coursebook there is a sentence: i like listening to music and one of my students said that he was also taught � �listen to THE music � � and i promissed him to check because i had some doubts myself.
well, thanks for help. i knew i could count on you.
hugs from poland

21 Apr 2010     


Zora and kaz76 are absolutely right. Both are correct, but there is a difference in meaning. Their explanations are very clear.

21 Apr 2010