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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > A doubt    

A doubt


A doubt
Hi everybody!
      I �d like you to help me with a grammatical question: Is ther  any difference between the use of related to and related with? Thanks in advance. Have a good day, the weekend is round the corner!

22 Apr 2010      

banska bystrica

Hi there,

as far as I know there is only a grammatical difference, "related to" is grammatically correct, although "related with" is also used, but it is less common.... That is what I know, maybe others know a different distinction. . .

bye, zuzana

22 Apr 2010     


I would always use �related to �.

22 Apr 2010     


I don �t think related "with" is correct . . .

22 Apr 2010     

banska bystrica

I also know that only "related to" is grammatically correct, I was just wondering how to explain that on the internet you can come across a lot of sentences with "related with"... any ideas? 

22 Apr 2010     

United States

I can �t think of a case where we use "related with".  "related to" is correct

22 Apr 2010     


zuzana, maybe the sentences you came across on the internet were written by ... Greeks. LOL
"Related with" is very common among Greek students due to mother tongue interference.

22 Apr 2010     


It �s definitely �related to �. If you have seen �related with � it is either a non-native speaker or a native speaker with poor command of their own language (it happens more than you �d think!!!)

Many languages, such as Spanish (relacionado con) and apparently Greek, would directly translate from L1 as �related with � - it �s a common mistake! The prepositions in any language are complicated!

22 Apr 2010     

banska bystrica

thank you, serene and Ishorton99... I knew that "related with" is wrong, I was just wondering why so many people use it... once a student of mine asked me about this difference and I just gave her  my aforementioned answer and something like "one thing is the way how people should use a language and the other one is how they really use it"... Smile..... Now I know exactly what to say next time! LOL

22 Apr 2010