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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Adverbs of contrast- Lesson plan    

Adverbs of contrast- Lesson plan


Adverbs of contrast- Lesson plan
Hi, i am glad to be a member of this site...Your ideas were always helpful for me. Again i need your ideas about a matter. I have to write a 45-min grammar lesson plan for an elementary class. The topic is adverbs of contrast( yet,although, despite, in spite of) but i am not sure how to present this new language construction. I �m thinking of giving them a very short test that includes these advebs but i cannot decide in which stage of the lesson i should give this text to them. If you have any other ideas and share, i would be very appreciated. Thank you so much, wish you a nice day!

23 Apr 2010      


Adverbs of contrast for an elementary class? I don �t introduce that vocabulary until pre-int! Your students must be very good!

Perhaps you could put it in context - writing a story? Normally, I would suggest a formal letter but at elementary a story might be better. They could complete a sample story with the linking words then write their own. The sample story would come first. They would then highlight the target language and work out the usage. You could put other activities in to practice such as a running dictation where the sentences are gapped so they have to run and choose the correct answer at the same time. At the end, they write their own story-

Good luck with the lesson!

23 Apr 2010