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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Anyone who wants the original editable document..    

Anyone who wants the original editable document..


Anyone who wants the original editable document..
I am so sorry for my naive act on using a German name "Gestapo" on my speaking cards. I always make my documents on exel and then paste them on word so if anyone like to have the original documents for editing the name, pic, etc.. please give me your adress and Iīll send them to you. Sorry if I offended any German teachers here on this site. Cry

22 Nov 2008      


Just to say again - there was no offence. These things happen so easily. (I have a Scottish friend whose surname is Tod. That means death in German. :-( I consequently spell her surname with a double "d" ... I havenīt told her why Iīm doing that...)
The name Gestapo is associated with a very difficult and problematic part of German history, but you didnīt choose the name consciously. If that had been a worksheet made by a German I probably would have made a big fuzz about it, but with you I just wanted to make you aware of it.
Donīt worry about! The set is still fantastic! Clap

P.S. Better making mistakes than not uploading anything - like me at the moment. Cry Had a bit of a non-creative spell, but am working on it and hope, that I soon have nice worksheets and time to upload. Sorry about this!

22 Nov 2008