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Buy or Don t Buy the book


Buy or Don t Buy the book
Hello Teaching Family,
My questions is should the students buy the book? How do you handle that. I m writing a proposal for a job teaching english at a company, but how do I mention buying the workbook I want to use.  Can I teach from the teachers book without the students having a book. Its technical english.  When you have dealt with teaching english or business english to a group or a company  how do you handle costs of materials, books, copies??? Do you make a lot of copies and try to skirt copyright laws, can you request students/company buy the student books??  Help!!!
Warmest regards,
Thanks in advance

1 May 2010      


Hi annabelle1654,

From my experience, it is usually the company that promotes the course that buys the books/pays for the resources that are required. 

However, I think that the procedure may be different from country to country.

Have a nice and relaxing weekend.



1 May 2010     


Our students are expected to buy a coursebook and workbook and, in the case of those preparing for exams, an extra practice test book or book of exercises. Before the course starts, they are given the book list, including ISPN numbers and locations where they can be bought - I work at a private academy and there are 13 schools in the chain. Each school has an arrangement with a shop next door - we give them the book list and the approximate numbers of students and they make sure they order in enough copies for the students to be easily able to get the books.

I find a lot of coursebooks less than satisfactory so I supplement a lot or change bits. If you have enough materials or money for photocopies you can manage without a coursebook but it depends a lot on the course. We use them for every level from 4 years old upwards! I don t think it would be feasible to just teach from the teachers book.

Hope that answers your question.

1 May 2010     

United Kingdom

I have found that if you explain why a course book is important, companies are prepared to pay for the books, depending on the size of the companyof course.  I f the company doesnt want to pay I often find that students are prepared to pay themselves.

 I have also found that by buying books from amazon.co.uk  I can get them much cheaper than in the shops, and if you call the publisher you can get a big discount for buying direct from them, depending on the numbers. 

good luck

2 May 2010