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Can you help me?


Can you help me?
Hello, Everybody!!! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday! I have a doubt. I want to upload a ws related to the Bicentenary in Argentina. There are some words, like "criollo", that belong to Argentinian history. We have got a word for this in English "creole". I personally think that "creole" would make the text lose strength. Would the ws be considered as not 100% in English? thanks for your answers.

2 May 2010      

United States

I don īt totally understand your question, but creole is definitely an English word. I don īt know why you think that it would make the text lose strength. I think you should use the word. Yes, the ws would be 100% English.

2 May 2010     



I would probably give the same advice as I give to my Spānish students when they write essays! If you want to use a non-English word in a worksheet, make sure that it is defined within the text. Personally, I īm not sure creole is an entirely accurate translation nor that it applies in the same context. Creole is used much more broadly and for different groups of people.

I personally wouldn īt remove your worksheet for using such words as the ws, I assume, is designed to give information about the Argentinian Bicentenary and, like many other informative texts in English, the inclusion of non-English words is important for understanding. The 100& in English rule, I don īt think applies here but I īd want someone else to confirm that. As far as I believe, the rule applies to translating words or putting questions and explanations in other languages, making the worksheet only valuable for people from a particular country/language. Many coursebooks use foreign words if they are providing information about something.

Again - I īd like to see other people īs views on this!


2 May 2010     


I agree with Lindsey!
As you are going to describe something related to the Argentinian tradition, and a historical event we are celebrating, you need to use the original word in Spanish to provide sts with the correct language. I wouldn īt say creole equals criollo 100% in meaning...
You need to make the meaning of the word clear enough in context... and your ws should be accepted without problems... there are many with tasks in different languages, and your idea is specific to the text!
Just that...

2 May 2010     


I think īcriollo ī can translate into several words, it just depends on the context. It could be ītraditional ī in the general way; also could refer to the īpeasants ī, MAYBE īnative ī but I īm not very sure of that one.
Again, I would need some context to see more clearly what you are talking about.

2 May 2010     


I agree with Lindsey and Myfairy, "creole" refers to languages and can īt be used to replace our term "criollos".  So it would be a serious mistake if someone reports your ws as not 100% in English.
Have a nice Sunday!

2 May 2010     


I īm sorry but, isn īt creole related to language or to someone īs ancestors? I see no relation between the word criollo and creole !! Criollo can be used for customs and a way of life, which I don īt think applies to creole ... Our ancestors can be "criollos" but about language?
I would definitely love to know in which context the word criollo would be used! I don īt think I would translate it, it īs like trying to translate"mate" !

2 May 2010     


Hi everybody, I need help please.. somedays ago I sent a printable and the same time I checked my count and I noted that my printables have been downloaded 4 times so I think that for each download you receive a point but i don īt have  more points  .. I dont know if I dont understand the rules or what is the problem with my count?

3 May 2010