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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > How to Start a Lesson?    

How to Start a Lesson?


How to Start a Lesson?

How do you start a lesson? By talking about yourself? By asking how they are or what they did? I m a senior student and I m assessed by my teaching, and my mentor teacher is somewhat obsessed with it. I have some vocabulary to teach about relationships ( such as aunt, uncle- family, best friend, ex-girlfriend- friendship and boss, employee- business) and I don t know how to start. Any ideas?

(In the book, there is a wedding picture to teach all these words. I thought I could start by asking "Have you ever been to a wedding?" "Whose wedding did you go?" and eliciting some vocabulary with the help of these questions. But my mentor teacher didn t like it :(( )

3 May 2010      


Hello there!
if I were you I would start by writing the word "FAMILY" (or "WEDDING" given the pic in the book) and brainstorm as many vocabulary items as Ss know; you could form a family tree as SS say out words too.
I personally think it s always better to start off asking Ss to speak so as to make the class as little teacher centred as possible.
Hope this has been useful.
Have a lovely day!

3 May 2010     


If I were you I would use a picture of a family and I would ask them to describe it. I would also write the words on the blackboard.
Have a nice day!

3 May 2010     


Unless your students are more advanced I would not ask them have you ever been to a wedding because they may not know how to answer your properly.
Ask them to describe a family in a picture and write the words as Omfp  and Ximenne suggested.
You could ask them about their families, and ask them to bring a picture of their family to the next class.  You could also ask them what the word family means to them and have each person give a vocabulary word of their meaning, such as love, home, sister, holidays etc.  At the same time when they give you their word  have them tell you why they chose that word.

3 May 2010     

manonski (f)

Ximenne raises a good point. I believe it s always best to start with asking student what they know about a subject and build from that point.

4 May 2010     


or you can use a ppt presentation and include all the photos of the family, and include the key vocabulary on the board.

in the photos you can add known families... (depending on your reality) if they are adolescents they love Simpons, family guy, etc....

its easy and catchy

4 May 2010     

United Kingdom

it very much depends on the level of the students.  I expect they are beginners if you are teaching them family vocabulary so they probably won t understand  your question or have sufficient vocabulary to answer if they do understand.

I would use a picture of myself with members of my family (or the Simpsons as mentioned earlier) and describe the family. Perhaps give the Ss a copy to label with the vocabulary and name of person.  You would need to have the vocab written at the top of the page for the students to copy.

4 May 2010