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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > French Stick or Baguette    

French Stick or Baguette

United Kingdom

French Stick or Baguette
This is a question that was asked yesterday in the forum but I�ve only just seen it and for some reason the poster of the message doesn�t seem to have Private Messenger - there�s no envelope under their name.
A French stick is another word for a baguette so you can use this in your sentence instead.  I�m not sure if it is used in any other English speaking countries but Zora hadn�t heard it before so it can�t be used in Canada I guess.  It�s pretty interesting as I assumed it would be used everywhere.  Just goes to show you lol

22 Nov 2008      


Hi:  I�m from Canada.  I have heard a french stick used instead of baguette.  In Quebec they refer to a fench stick as a baguette.   I am originally from Toronto and  when I lived there I often used french stick when referring to a baguette.

22 Nov 2008     

United States

Not to forget bread sticks!
They�re the dry sticks you can dip into anything!

22 Nov 2008     


Sorry I�m introducing this in your topic but in Argentina we have two types of bread: pan franc�s (it would be literally translated as French bread) and Baguette. I wonder if they are the same

22 Nov 2008     

Anna P

In Brazil we also have �p�o franc�s� and �baguette� (longer than a �p�o franc�s�). 

22 Nov 2008     


23 Nov 2008