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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Run out of ideas... again    

Run out of ideas... again


Run out of ideas... again
Hello my friends! I īm teaching do/does to young kids 7 or 8 years old. Do you know any games for that subject?Thanks a lot!

5 May 2010      

Czech Republic

I think battleship game is always a good way of practising questions. Iīm sure you will find some here.

5 May 2010     

Czech Republic

You can ask your students what they usually do at the weekend and write it on the board. E.g. :  go to the swimming pool, visit my grandmother etc. - write letīs say 10 examples. Then one pupil chooses only one activity(whichever s/he wants)  but tells nobody which one. The others have to find the activity by using DO : Do you usually go to the swimming pool ? The pupil who guesses the right answer chooses  the next activity. It is usually fun :-)

5 May 2010     


You can play īThe Coffeepot ī. It īs an oral game to practice questions and short answers. I canīt remember where or who taught me but it works. 
A student choose a verb (ie. wash my face) and the class has to guess it asking: "Do you coffeepot in the morning? When do you coffeepot? Do you coffeepot everyday? Do you coffeepot at home/at school? and so on, until the class using the information guess the word. It īs funny and students practice a lot.
I hope it helps you.

5 May 2010     


Dear Neda: Sorry to be writing late, but I īm quite new in the site and the forum too.
I have a lot of material to send to you, but I don īt know how to do it privately.
If anyone can help...

8 Jul 2010