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Syllabus Design


Syllabus Design
Hi everyone,
I īm trying to design an intermediate esl syllabus for adults for technical english. Can someone guide me to a website or know of where I can find good outlines for grammar and tasks to help me create a syllabus.
Thanks in advance.

6 May 2010      


Hi Annabelle,

I worked as a business English trainer for many years and have thousands of hours of experience. Most of the people who are on board here seem to be school teachers (only or predominantly) and their clientele is mostly kids. I have tried to start some discussions that go beyond teaching kids, to no avail. So, this might simply be the wrong place to ask this question, I hope I am wrong. In other areas people seem to have an overwhelming amount of knowledge though.

Get a copy of Oxford īs Tech Talk, they will give you a good head start. Also, Cornelsen has a "Technical English for Beginners" book, which, in my opinion is just a follow-up on the Business English for beginners but it does the trick.

Grammar-wise, technical English isnīt much different from general English, vocabulary-wise it sure is.

Hope I could help

6 May 2010     


Also, a book that might be useful is Market Leader.. I used it for about two years and it seemed to work fine.
My advice would be to use business English books to complement, but my experience is that students get bored after a while!!

6 May 2010     


Annabelle, get interested in technology yourself, that is the key to creating interesting engaging syllabi.


6 May 2010