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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Why ??? Just tell me why ??    

Why ??? Just tell me why ??

miss noor

Why ??? Just tell me why ??
I have received a message told  me that my 3 last worksheets are reported.
This is a message to inform you that your contribution HAIR WORLD PART 2 has been reported for not following the rules of the website. "



Can you tell me why ?????????????  What rule didnÂīt I follow ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have spent more than 8 hours preparing it. It is mine. It is not copied.
2 of them are pictionary and the third one is match question with pictures.
So tell me What is worng with them ??/
Yesterday, I felt excited because of doing something new. I did a new contribution about Hair World.
But now I am disappointed..................
Please Please Please return them all of them

6 May 2010      


Hello dear Miss Noor. I am really sorry for what happened. I saw the ws. I am not a moderator but I think I know what happened. They contained watermarked cliparts and this is no longer allowed in eslprintables. It īs the third rule that appears when uploading a ws:

Worksheets containing watermarked cliparts are not allowed and will be removed from now on.

Nobody stated that the ws are stolen but it īs against the rules to use watermarked cliparts. I know that after a lot of work this might feel unfair but the rule is posted for quite some time. I am not trying to accuse you. I īm just trying to explain the reason.

Hugs from Spain,


6 May 2010     

ben 10

you īve just to remove the watermarked  cliparts an resend it again 

6 May 2010     

miss noor

This is the first time that I know what watermarked cliparts are  from Corina and from this link
Can you tell what I should do ???
I made something new and nice and I want to upload them again.
what should I do ??

6 May 2010     


I īve just sent you a PM.

6 May 2010