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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Motherīs Day is a tittle wiht unluck    

Motherīs Day is a tittle wiht unluck


Motherīs Day is a tittle wiht unluck
There are three hours ago that Iīm traying to upload my worksheet about Motherīs Day, itīs impossible to upload it and we can see like I made. Changes it completely and I donīt know to do at this moment. Itīs an archive from extension doc, under word 97-003 Whatīs the mattar? Please, explain me because this work(the firs part) a lot of people just have downloaded before you withdraw. I donīt understand it.

7 May 2010      


I think the problem with my worksheet is solbed, we can see of a way but when we click to print, itīs right like I did it. Thank you very much!

8 May 2010     

Lina Ladybird

I īm very sorry, but I have to admit that I didn īt understand what you had wanted to tell us anyway... Perhaps Iīm too stupid to get the picture! ;))

8 May 2010     

Puerto Rico

lol topolina maybe i am stupid too cuse i thought i was reading another language

8 May 2010     

United States

I think, when she uploaded her ws, it was reformatted on the preview, and she doesn īt know why.  Does anyone have suggestions for her?  Apparently she īs using the correct MS Word year range.  She wants to know how to warn people it looks funny on the preview, but not in reality after it īs downloaded.

At least, that īs my interpretation.

8 May 2010