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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > how to teach reading to students who are not motivated    

how to teach reading to students who are not motivated


how to teach reading to students who are not motivated
i have tried many techniques to help my esl students find a kind of pleasure when dealing with reading activities but it seems that all my attempts were in vain. students are not interested in reading and in learning as well. i kindly ask all the teachers who may have experienced similar situations to provide me with any materials, ideas or techniques that may help.
 many thanks to all the members of this respectful site.

10 May 2010      


I had a very good experience with a detective story a wrote. The story is in chapters and after the reading come the vocabulary and grammar exercises. As my students wanted to know who was guilty, they read  and made the exercises without any problem.

10 May 2010     


Why don �t you choose a reader that has a film version? Students will be motivated to read something they know they will like and best of all, they will participate in the comprehension based activities as they can continue the story. For instance: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll. Students will love to read it, know the reason of the story, what differences and similarities they can find between the real story and the film. There are plenty of weblinks with activities in internet. You can also use some scenes from the film to introduce each chapter, since video based activities motivate students. The same with Billy elliot and hundred of readers. Hope it helps!

10 May 2010     


Well, first of all you have to choose your texts according to the age of your students, for example if they are teenagers you can check some teens magazine o chek some online magazines to get interesting and amusing information, there you can find lots of topics that may arise your stuents attention.
You also should start with a preparation before reading such as doing mind maps or brainstorming, you can provide a crossword puzzle with the vocabulary from the reading and some useful questions to predict the reading, you can also add some pictures related to the topic.  That way you help them construct or activate their background knowledge which is necessary to have a successful reading comprehension.
I really hope this can help you ;)

10 May 2010