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I haven īt been able to sign on to ESL Printables for days! Its really set me back with work. I told my boyfriend and he said that I could just got to Vtunnel.com and then it would work. It did! I wrote http://www.eslprintables.com/ and then selected to browse button. This was the only way that I could post on the board, download, and sometimes pull the page up all together. I wanted to send this out in case its helpful to anyone.

12 May 2010      


Sorry everyone!!! I still can īt download :( I can only post now and view the web page. I still can īt download because this website doesn īt have those perimeters. Still need help fixing this situation!!! I just found exactly what I needed for class today. I can īt use it so I will have to pull out the old flashcards for a boring day.

12 May 2010     


I can download NEW documents and not OLD documents. The OLD documents are what I need!! I just tried it with a new one. I really hope we can survive this.

12 May 2010     

Homeless Turtle
United States

I have sent you a pm.

12 May 2010     


I`m using Opera and I haven`t had any problems whatever and perfectly able to download any WS. Maybe you should try it?

12 May 2010     

Hong Kong

Thanks for the Vtunnel suggestion. I had never heard of that before. Good idea.
I tried it and it is interesting but ...
1. Pop ups everyehere!!!!!
2. And who knows what spyware that site will put up on my computer!!!!
3. sO ANNYOING!!!!!
4. So not worth it!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks anyway.Wink

12 May 2010