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ESL forum > Make suggestions, report errors > to the people who have answered my question about google    

to the people who have answered my question about google


to the people who have answered my question about google
I want to say thank for people who understood my worries about Google problem without critisise because i wrote in portuguse. I also wanto to remember that i am new user but I agree that I should write in portuguese. THE IMPORTANT FOE ME WAS THAT WHO TRIED TO HELP ME THE OTHERS ITīS SO EASY TO SAY WHEN THE PERSON IS WRONG . I am trying to improve it.

12 May 2010      

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Flora

Most of the people here didn īt understand a word of what you wrote, so there aren īt many whom you have to say a "Thank you". People didn īt help, because they couldn īt, because you prevent the majority of us by writing in Portuguese.
You can  " agree that I should write in portuguese", but you may keep in mind that people around here won īt listen, simply because each one of us has one native language and you can īt expect people to understand yours. You probably don īt speak many, many of the native languages in this site; but this site has an international language - we communicate in English, because we teach English.

Welcome tho this place, please read the rules, they will help you a lot and will avoid you some lost time.
Have a nice day

12 May 2010     


Flora, it īs okay, well, I am only speaking for myself. I am glad to see (and sad to see) that I was right when I thought that the reason for your posting was fear. Especially as a new user, that must have felt horrible.

To all: Could we try to make our criticism constructive? How about helping and streamlining help here instead of pointing fingers? Years ago S.Lefevre suggested an FAQ section, people are still complaining about people asking the same questions all the time. I joked about having an FAQ section a few weeks ago, only later I saw Sylvia īs posting from 2008. How about making some tutorials or putting together something that explains what to do in case one can īt upload or download........

Could it be that these people from .pk simply monitored the sometimes erratic discussions, in part by people who can īt upload or dowload here and decided that people who discuss like that might also be easy targets for malware.....just a thought......

Regards.....I might have to go back to my Mamba-state ;o)

Letīs see how many more people we can get to tell Flora off for having written in Portuguese.....how self-centered are we? Canīt you see that she is learning ????? For crying out loud, I am starting to understand cauffeepot.

12 May 2010     


Hi Regina
LOL welcome to the cauffeepot īs fans club!!

12 May 2010     


I have no idea why you īre getting so excited, Regina.

If all the people who were worried when ESL practically broke down or was blocked had written panicky threads in their native tongues, we could have re-named the site BABEL printables.

Apparently Flora had posted in Portuguese before, so maybe people thought she wasn īt making enough of an effort. Just like when people write the description of their worksheets in , let īs say, Spanish or French. As an English teacher she could at least have written the title of the thread in English so that people knew what it was about
No need to attack everybody for being self-centered, selfish, heartless or whatever.

12 May 2010     


Dear Regina,I think you are right,Hug "helping" and " understanding!"
Dear Olindalima! I am sure all the people here have to write all messages in English.

12 May 2010     

United Kingdom

Who - or what - is īcauffeepot ī?

12 May 2010     



....me excited, that would sound different ;o)))

General suggestion: If people don īt answer threads in languages other than English, there won īt be so many (threads about them). That īs why I didn īt answer the last question about links for German.....

I am out of here ;o)


12 May 2010