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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Creative ways to assess students    

Creative ways to assess students


Creative ways to assess students
I want to replace the tradional ways of assessing students.Can u all provide me with ideas concern such issue????
I need something creative to meet the individual differences and something creative and ongoing .
Let �s share and create.

14 May 2010      


Hi abaza,

Begin with what skill you need your students to demonstrate and see the different ways for them to do this that will appeal to their different intelligences.

For those who are not familiar with the types of intelligences: 

Ex.  I need to test a student �s ability to use the past progressive tense.  I �ll ask the student to write a song using the construction.  

Other ideas for creative projects:
- making a model of a classroom or a drawing of his/her bedroom and put labels (tests vocabulary)
- when reading stories, ask students to draw pictures/make a storyboard or cartoon to demonstrate comprehension
- for ongoing projects, you can ask students to keep a writing journal and give them a question that will encourage them to answer using particular grammar points
- other ongoing projects, ask them to collect samples of English texts/poems/comics that they like and ask them to explain why they chose them and then ask them to exchange with each other

I think it �s great that you �re seeking creative ways to assess students!  Being an inclusive teacher who tries to come up with different ways to teach surely makes your students lucky to have you!

Hope that helps.

14 May 2010     

United Kingdom





14 May 2010