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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Refresher courses for overseas teachers of English    

Refresher courses for overseas teachers of English

Russian Federation

Refresher courses for overseas teachers of English
Hi, dear colleagues!

At the moment I m surfing the internet, looking for some refresher course for overseas teachers of English in London. There is a wide range of offers on the i-net, so I decided to ask you: have you ever studied at such courses? Which ones? Will you recommend (or not recommend) them? (I m interested in a 2-week (or so) course for those teachers who work with adults).

Thank you in advance!Wink

17 May 2010      


I participated in a 3-week course in Maidstone, UK. It was a European Programme for overseas teachers, Commenius. It involved methodology, new games for students, 2 visits to local schools, and boosting classroom vocabulary. It was almost all free. There are certain deadlines you need to apply, so don`t miss the dates. Good luck!

17 May 2010     

Russian Federation

Dear Agatar,
Was it a useful course?

17 May 2010     

United States

I really enjoyed my course with LinguaEdge.com. It can be done in two weeks, if you are working really hard on it (2-3hrs per day)...or otherwise you can take your time and work as long as 3 months. I was working with adults at the time, and I found it very useful!

17 May 2010     


I work in a school of English for international students in Australia, and I can only employ teachers who have done at least 6 hours of supervised practice teaching.
We are a registered school, and I frequently receive CVs from people who have done an internet course for a couple of weeks or a month maybe, but because there isn t a practical component to the certificate, I can t give them a job. The same will happen to you if you intend to work in Australia, in a registered school at least, so you might want to check that to make sure you keep your options open... I understand this is becoming a standard world-wide, and the recommended is usually the CELTA course.
Good luck!

18 May 2010     


Dear OLyn,

last year I attended a course for overseas teachers. The course was in London, at the Oxford House College http://www.oxfordhousecollege.co.uk/index.html. It was a course about creative methodology and they gave us lots of ideas on how to teach creatively! The teachers were very well prepared. I paid it with a special grant offered by the Region where I live (Sardinia, in Italy) but all the teachers I met at this course where there thanks to the Comenius project - Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Community. This is the Italian site our local agency, http://www.programmallp.it/llp_home.php?id_cnt=1

Im sure there is a local agency in your country, too. In the website of the British Council you can find some useful information http://www.britishcouncil.org/comenius.htm

If you need more info about your local agency just search in the web for your country, COMENIU and IN TRAINING SERVICE.
Next deadline should be in September!
This summer I m going to Exeter (UK) to attend a CLIL (Content and Language integrated Learning) course thanks to a Comenius Grant! The grant will pay all my course and expenses.


Hope this helps you!

Take care!


19 May 2010