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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Environment and past simple and continuous    

Environment and past simple and continuous


Environment and past simple and continuous

Hi everyone!

I have finished 14 from the 15 didactic units I have to prepare for the competitive exam in Spain, but the one relating to the past simple, continuous, used to and structures such as loved to+ ing is playing hard to get.
I thought in economic crisis, obsessions, addictions...but someone told me yesterday thai I should include a unit dealing with the environment. (The rest are superstitions, shopping, media, habits, computers...) but I don�t know how to raise the unit (it has to include grammar and the four skills) with that topic.
Any idea or suggestion?
Thanks in advance.

19 May 2010      


Hi Crossman!
Do you have to relate environment with those grammatical contents? It seems a little bit like forcing it...
My environment unit has the futures as grammatical content..
Maybe you can compare what people did in the past and how they cared/didn �t care about the environment.. and what people do now. 
You can have students think if they did things for the environment when they were younger.. or maybe try to think of unfriendly things they used to do....
You can also relate it to environment-friendly habits.. or maybe find a text about some environmental disaster describing what happened (simple past).
Also, you can try to find something (movie, or written text) in which people say what they were doing when so and so happened..
Try to see if you can change things around a bit.. environment lends itself better to other topics like conditionals, futures, ...
Let see what other people say!
Good luck!

19 May 2010     


Hi Caroay!
I agree with you: maybe it is a bit forced but as I said, someone told me yesterday to include environment in one of my units, and the only one I haven�t prepared is that devoted to past. It is the typical silly thing that you realised at the end because of the nerves and so on...Do you think it is important? I think it doesn�t matter if I don�t include the topic of environment. The examniners won�t look up all the units and won�t realised if I lack it. But the thing is, that appart from that, I don�t have any other idea for this unit. Maybe obsessions and addictions but I don�t have enough material.
Thanks for answering.
Where are you taking the exam? I will try in Andalusia.

19 May 2010     


You can talk about natural disasters.When they happened, what the people were doing at that time,how people used to react in the old days,if they used to take measures to protect themselves,what kind of houses they used to live in and what this meant for them etc. Speaking:you are a reporter taking an interview from a survivor.Writing:You were present at the time of e.g. an earthquake so describe your experience.
I hope I �ve helped you a little bit.Good luck!

19 May 2010     


Try this one http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/caer/ce/eek/earth/index.html

19 May 2010