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Movie transcriptions (and other resources)


Movie transcriptions (and other resources)

I was preparing a ws based on a movie scene because watching the movie I realized it contains many words and expressions my intermediate students learned this semester.

I managed to find the video with the exact scene I wanted on YouTube but couldn �t download it with vdownloader, so I discovered aTube Catcher that downloads and converts videos that other softwares can �t. (try it, it �s perfect!)

Another problem: one of the actresses is not American and I couldn �t understand entirely what she says, so I found another interesting source: a site full of movies trasncriptions http://www.movietranscriptions.com/

After all that mess I was able to finish the ws, now I only have to burn a CD with the scene, but first I �ll cut just the part I �ll use with my students using Windows Movie Maker

Wow! And all of that just for a 20-minute activity! And some students still think that teaching is just to enter a classroom and start talking...

Have a nice weekend.

22 May 2010      


Hi Zailda,
Great job with your lesson preparation! It does take time but when those 20 minutes of the lesson go really well, you feel so great about teaching! Thank you for sharing the websites.
I tried the aTube Cacther but it �s in Spanish. Is there an English version of this site?
Thank you,

22 May 2010     


Sorry, I forgot this "small" detail...

Here �s the site in English: http://atube-catcher.dsnetwb.com/get-video-software-windows-home/content/banco-datos-Welcome-Home-Page.html

22 May 2010     


Thank you, Zailda! :)

22 May 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Yes, Zailda, you are right. Everyone seems to think that teaching is a piece of cake, but it �s rather time consuming, not to speak about those classes with those funny students that simply won �t try to do anything.
Thanks for the sites.
Have a nice weekend

22 May 2010