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Mouna mch

hello everybody,
here, in my country, there is a big lack of teaching materials.. for instance, we don �t have audiovisulas (besides still using the chalkLOL).. the whole teaching process depends on visual aids (ie pictures stuck on the board) or realia.. a fact that creates many obstacles and limitation.. this is really hard  especially that we are asked to apply CBA.. add that with time, after seeing all kinds of visual aids and realia, learners get really bored and unwilling to learn..Dead cannot blame them, in fact!!
one other thing,
am I going crazy or it is almost impossible to apply CBA with 45 learners who have no chance to use their English outside the classroom; in the real life I mean.. here, French is the second language after Arabic.. English is not very essential as a school subjesct.. learners can pass even with a zero in English!!!!! so how on earth can I make them motivited or even able to develop any skills what ever?!!!
any suggestions please, before me getting really depressed..Cry
regards from Algeria..

28 May 2010      

United States

Whoa   - I �m depressed just reading your message.
I can �t understand how a government isn �t interested in educating its children
to make the country a better place in the future.
But........... besides getting thousands of people to protest,
perhaps you ought to think about how people taught before technology
came on the scene. Use your imagination.
go on the net, find  assignments and  write them on the board and have your students
work from there.
Have your students help make posters, newspapers, games for learning so they become a part of the process.
Tell them that if they ever want to go out and see the world - they need to learn English.
It is the common global language!!!

Do plays and sketches in the class - use real live situations, such as:
Buying tickets
at a cafe
finding your way around town.
writing to a pen pal
Make games.

I sure hope more people here can help you!
Good luck and keep up the good work!

28 May 2010     


You see that is usually the case where English is the second foreign language.I mean ss are generally motivated to learn the first foreign language  and rarely care about the second.But real life needs are turning things the other way and many are begining to realise that English is "inevitable" in any promising future. What I do to make my lessons more appealing is to vary lessons as much as possible and above all link the lessons to everyday life and familiar contexts .By doing so,ss come to realize how important English is.Besides this ,I usually use comparative analysis between languages while introducing new things so as keep ss � interest high.I agree with u that intensive use of visual aids and realia is sometimes negative SO I RESORT TO THIS MARVELLOUS SITE TO LOOK FOR NEW IDEAS!and believe me you ll find many.Perhaps we could take profit of the neighbourhood and correspond to exchange letters between our ss.If u r interested PM me.
take good care!

28 May 2010     


Imagine here In Brazil !!!  Just few people has the opportunity to do a good English course, because if you go to learn in a public school there is a lack of basic materials: Desk, cd player, dvd. I feel depressed when I want to show something interesting to show to my students and the school don�t have what I need, it happens at private schools too, for my own experience.

30 May 2010