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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Prepositions again!    

Prepositions again!

Russian Federation

Prepositions again!
Hi, everyone!

I need yr opinion - when do we say �on Broadway � and when do we say "in Broadway �?

3 Jun 2010      


Dear savvinka,
I am not sure (because when you use some words or expressions they just go out of you easily but when you start thinking about them they stuck Confused) but there is "on Broadway" and "in Broadway theatres" for instance.

3 Jun 2010     



"On the street" is American, "in the street" is British.

Broadway is in NYC, hence, "on Broadway."


3 Jun 2010     


I agree with all the above ;)
and I would add you use in or on depending on the meaning of a whole sentence ;)
because you can also say ==> to Broadway Wink

3 Jun 2010     

Russian Federation

Thanks, REGINA  for yr quick answer. Great explanations of experts are always short, clear and simple.

3 Jun 2010     

Russian Federation

I �m purposly interested in a sentece .... an American actor works on Broadway.
It sounds Ok for me, but I also met in Broadway....
 When I was in NY last summer I used to say to friends that our hotel Best Westen was 
on Broadway as well. In any way, it �s clear for me now. Thank to Regina Priorita and Babs.

3 Jun 2010     



3 Jun 2010     


That is interesting because in the UK we would say �in the West End � (our equivalent of Broadway) and �on Broadway � - �The actor is starring in a play in the West End � and �The actor is starring in a play on Broadway � so I think Regina �s explanation must be accurate - I �d never thought about it before!!!


3 Jun 2010     

United States

Kids in the USa play in the street - but you can park your car on the street.
He lives on Park Avenue or on Broadway

One of my favorite old songs:::::::::::.

They say the neon lights are bright - on Broadway!

4 Jun 2010