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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Help, please - again:o(    

Help, please - again:o(

Czech Republic

Help, please - again:o(

I am sorry to ask for help again, but I got lost (it �s happening vary often to me these days, and I have no idea why Cry).
Can I write: She is going shopping for new clothes.?
If not, could you give me some suggestion how to write it, but it has to be in pres. continuous.
Thank you very much for your help  and sorry for bothering you so often lately.
hugs, Michaela

13 Jun 2010      


That �s how I say it. I �m not a native speaker, though. But I can tell you  I �ve read that sentence in Sue Townsend �s The Secret Diary od Adrian Mole.
Have a nice Sunday,

13 Jun 2010     


All English speaking women know that phrase.....except it �s usually,
"I �m going shopping for new clothes."
Big smile 
Big smile
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Big smile Cheers Joy

13 Jun 2010     

Czech Republic

Thanks both of you. I was thinkg also about: She is shopping for new clothes., and when I start thinking I usually get lost. Especially now - two week before holidays.
Have a great day, Michaela

13 Jun 2010     

maria da rosa

I �m going to go shopping for new clothes.

13 Jun 2010     

United States

Both are correct, depending on when it is happening:
She is shopping for new clothes. - now
She is going shopping for new clothes. - planned in the near future

13 Jun 2010