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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Politics and Economics Noun used with singular/plural verb    

Politics and Economics Noun used with singular/plural verb


Politics and Economics Noun used with singular/plural verb
Hello! Could you tell me when we use politics and economics with singular and plural verb and the difference between the meaning of this two noun used with sg./pl. verb! Thank you!!!

15 Jun 2010      


Economics (NOUN singular) - the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods - takes a singular verb.
Economics (N plural) - the financial element of something -takes a plural verb.
I found these uses : GDP vs. �Happiness�: Economics Are Getting Smarter
In total, economics are maturing and money still can�t buy you love.

Politics - activities associated with government - takes a singular verb.

Politics - power relationships in specific field - sing. or pl. -The politics of education....
Politics - calculated advancement - sing. or pl. - using tactics, strategy to gain power
Politics - Political beliefs - takes a plural verb. - My politics are different from his.

16 Jun 2010