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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > doubt....need help    

doubt....need help


doubt....need help
Hi, hope you �re all right. I �m writing to ask about quantifiers:
I �ve found in an elementary coursebook a grammar box that says that many and much (for countable nouns and uncountable nouns respectively) are used in negative and interrogative sentences and that we need to use a lot of to talk about an indefinite quantity in the affirmative.
So, my question is:
              Can we use many/much in affirmative sentences?
              Is there a difference in saying for instance:
              There are a lot of books on the table or
              There are many books on the table???
Thanks for your help Wink

17 Jun 2010      


Hi Chilvis
As a native speaker I would always say "There is a lot of books on the table/water in the glass" rather than using many and much.
Hope it helps.
Have a nice day.

17 Jun 2010     


I use �a lot of � just as often as much/many.
There are a lot of books/there are many books - are exactly the same to me, though in conversation I would favour �a lot of �, especially with uncountables:
I will need a lot of advice before I make a decision.
I will need much advice before I make a decision. - this second option just sounds a little strange to me, even though I know it �s correct grammatically, just because I �m so used to hearing �a lot of � used...

17 Jun 2010     

United Kingdom

we tend to say a lot of in positive sentences - much or many is correct but more formal in this case, usually found in questions and negatives.

17 Jun 2010     

United States

Sulekra described it very well.

17 Jun 2010     


There are a lot of books on the table.
There are many books on the table.
A lot of sounds much more natural when speaking, particularly if this is the complete statement, but
There are many books which have been writtten especially for young children. - This would sound much better if you were writing an article/essay.

17 Jun 2010     


Can I add that "a lot of" can be used in the negative and interrogative form too?

There aren �t a lot of books in the school library.

Are there a lot of books in that section of the library?

17 Jun 2010     


Check the contributions dealing with them

17 Jun 2010     

United Kingdom

I would never use there is for plural, it would be there are, and i �m a native speaker

17 Jun 2010