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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Ideas for 1-hour picnic :o)    

Ideas for 1-hour picnic :o)

Fabiola Salinas

Ideas for 1-hour picnic :o)
Hi everyone! I �m writing asking for ideas on what I can do with 8 year-old kids in an hour picnic. I �ve thought of making them sing a song, play a game or two and eat! Is there an appealing (no matter how simple it is!!!) game you could share with me? Thank youuuuu! Fabiola S.  :o)

17 Jun 2010      


Dear Fabiola, do you know that charade that you are taking the person to the pic nic depending on what they bring? Ask your sts what can the bring to the picnic and tell them that depepending on their answer they can go or not, if they tell you they are going to bring sth that starts with the same letter their name starts they can go if not they can�t. It usually drives students crazy because some can bring things that others can �t and it takes a while to drop the coin.
I also suggest bingo related to pic nic food.
Hope I could be useful!

17 Jun 2010     


Maybe you �ll find ideas here ( see the Picnic game eg...) ;o)
Have a nice day!

17 Jun 2010     

United Kingdom

This looks fun and simple

Game: Giants, Wizards, and Elves

Number of kids: at least 4, but best for larger groups.

How the game is played: This is a whole-body game based on Rock, Paper, Scissors. Before you begin, explain these rules to the players:

  • Giants conquer wizards. To be a giant, raise your arms high above your head.
  • Wizards conquer elves. To be a wizard, make a triangle with your arms over your head (like a wizard hat).
  • Elves conquer giants. To be an elf, place your hands alongside your ears with index fingers extended.
There are more here: http://kidshealth.org/parent/growth/learning/school_age_games.html

17 Jun 2010     


Count to 20 ! But the fun idea is that they do it in groups of 5-6 children, and whenever 2 children say the same number at the same moment, everybody has to start again from zero. The winners are the first group to reach 20.
Of course the children are forbidden to determine an order, everybody speaks at random they have to watch each other closely and guess if someone else is about to speak. I even do it with my teenagers in class, it is pure fun, they burst laughing each time !
Have fun ! Isabelle.

17 Jun 2010     


loved your idea Isabelle! Not only great practice on numbers, also a great way to train listening to each other and being sensitive to what others want to say, an art that seems almost lost it seems.....
I will try this in class for sure!

17 Jun 2010