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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > What s the differences between accusedly and accusingly???    

What s the differences between accusedly and accusingly???


What s the differences between accusedly and accusingly???
Please, help! I can t make it clear???
I have problem with this sentence:
" What have you been doing?" the teacher asked him......................( accusedly/accusingly)
Thanks alot!!!

17 Jun 2010      

Lina Ladybird

The correct answer is "accusingly". Moreover, I have never heard anyone using the word "accusedly". Does it really exist?? A native speaker can perhaps clarify that... Thanks in advance! ;))

17 Jun 2010     

United States

I checked at http://www.dictionary.com and learned that "accusedly" is not a word in English, as you suspected.

17 Jun 2010     


According to an American thesaurus accursedly is an adverb but it𠏋 not a word that I know and it𠏋 not in either my Oxford or Cambridge dictionaries.


17 Jun 2010     

United Kingdom

As far as i m aware in modern day English accusedly doesn t exist. Moreover, i doubt it ever did, so the answer is quite clear, accusingly is correct. I have checked my Websters to find this word, and it isn t in there. This means it never was. 

17 Jun 2010     

United Kingdom

Accusedly means allegedly as in The teenager accusedly drove the car at 85 mph, whereas accusingly means in an accusing manner as in You took my lunch money! � Janet said to Mark accusingly.

17 Jun 2010     


Thank you all for your help! Smile 

18 Jun 2010